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Mavo boundle pack Cinema camera to rent in Algarve, Portugal for film production

MAVO 6K s35 Cinema camera with EF or PL mount, 800 ASA native, RAW or ProRes 4444XQ, up to 192 fps in 2K cropped, 14 stops dynamic range, 5" monitor, 2x 500GB SSD cards, wireless video & rec/stop

dji wireless follow focus in Algarve, Portugal


DJI Wireless Follow Focus and video transmitter

Zeiss CP.3 cine lenses for film camera to hire in Algarve, Portugal

Zeiss CP.3 Cine Lens Set, EF mount 15, 25, 35, 50, 85mm

Matte box to hire for film camera with 4x4 filters in Algarve, Portugal

Matte Box with 4x4 Filters

Ikan high brightness 7

Ikan SX7 high-brightness 7'' monitor with wireless video receiver for follow focus

schoulder rig to rent in Algarve, Portugal


Shoulder Rig

Zacuto Gratical X OLED viewfinder to rent in Algarve, Portugal

Zacuto OLED ViewFinder

Azden Preamps mike

OConnor C1030DS-30L-M - 1030DS Head & 30L Tripod with Mid Level Spreader in Algarve Portugal

Carbon fiber Tripod



2x V-Lock batteries


follow focus and camera assistant to rent in Algarve

Manual follow Focus



Libec Slider

"You have to provide to our cameraman and pull focus assistant food and evt. accommodation. Transport cost is extra

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