Film Algarve - Low Budget Film & Video Productions in Algarve

hiring film crew in algarve (portugal) & Andalusia (spain)

We are a small but passionate team of professionals in the audio video productions, as well in fashion photography. We are very flexible and with different skills to cover the main film departments locally in Algarve. If you are looking for a local crew we have a film director, cameramen, grip, sound recordist, gaffer, drone operator, make up artist who is also a talented visual effects specialist, camera assistant, pull focus, post production visual effects specialist and film editor with color grading skills, art director, location scout, chef, runner and drivers. Well: you can count on us for your documentary shooting or music video, TV commercial, Web video, short film or even an independent feature film production in Algarve, Andalusia or generally in all the south of the Iberian peninsula where in winter is very easy to work: not many people around and traffic and cheaper accommodations.  Please, keep just in mind that earlier you decide for our collaboration, better is to have all our crew available for you. Prices for crew not include gears, meals and eventually accommodation. To hire one of our crew member, please contact us or use the check-out order form in the equipment rental page with detailed hiring prices.


Chloe, Frank, Max, Lou, Joana

Film Algarve production in winter with cameraman, pull focus assistant, Mavo camera and easyrig


If you are a film professional living in Algarve, submit your application to collaborate with us