Film Algarve - Low Budget Film & Video Productions in Algarve

    CINE GEARS Rentals for Low budget Films & Multimedia Productions in Algarve (Portugal)



@ Film Algarve with our film crew and filming equipment together with the sunshine, beaches and blue sky during the winter, fall and spring season, we are your production service company in Algarve for your film, music video, documentary, TV fiction or photo shooting if a low budget film or video production under the sun of Algarve in Portugal without compromising in quality is your primary  goal.  Furthermore you get bilingual crew and cast, competitive prices, rentals of modern, compact and lightweight film equipment like the new Blackmagic Mini URSA Pro G2 4.6K Cinema Camera, the new Kinefinity MAVO or the ARRI ALEXA Mini with Cooke Mini S4/i or Zeiss CP.3 prime lenses which will reduce your audiovisual production costs even further without compromising in quality. If you are an independent filmmaker, nowadays you can produce your entire project from about 150'000 € to make it profitable!

Algarve is offering a variety of locations and setting fitting virtually all your movie production needs, and, more important, filming in Algarve is about relax because we ☺  and speak your language: English, German, Swiss German, French, Spanish & Italian. Btw, we do also good espresso!


Shooting a low budget video?

Don't panic: we are here to help! From only 5'000€ per week you get the "All-Included-Pack" with all gears you need included camera, lenses, dolly, drone, gimbal, lights, jib, reflectors, scrims and microphones. You get also an assistant, a location manager and a fixer! Even more: a post-production station and accommodation for 2 people is included in the price to make your film project a reality under the sun of Algarve in Portugal during the next winter  season.



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