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In co-production right now. Expected end of shooting November 2024 in Aljezur (Algarve)

6:06 The Movie - A Film Algarve Co-Production

Locked Love by Lou Di Giorgio, a Film Algarve Co-Production

Locked Love Movie Poster - A Film Algarve Co-Production

Just when the Covid-19 lockdown was going to start in Europe, Michelle comes to the Algarve to meet her boyfriend for a love trip and, quickly understands that this will be a lonely journey without her boyfriend being able to fly because the airport in London just locked down. Eager to not waste her time she decides to explore the area on her own. Soon enough she meets a group of surfers in Sagres and finds in one of them, Nathan, the perfect replacement for her loneliness. Between smiles, flirts and provocations the two end up in bed and making the most of their time together. Surprisingly, Nathan gets sick after these encounters and Michelle might be the one to blame. How can one deal with the burden of self blame?

A film by Lou Di Giorgio with Marcus André and Vianca Meyer for her 1st time on screen


Ron Hopper Misfortunes by Jaime Falero, Associate Producer & BTS


Film, Video & photo shooting & film co-productions in Algarve

We are a film production company in Algarve specialized in 4K-6K film equipment rental and in low budget indie movies co-productions in Algarve and the rest of Portugal, as well in Andalusia, Spain and in the Canary Islands. We use state of the art lightweight gears as the Aputure 600D LED fresnels up to 30'000 Lux @ 3 mt light power, spots and RGB panels lighting equipment, cine cameras like the Kinefinity MAVO 6K with Zeiss CP.3 prime full format lenses or Sony FX6 and FX3 and the DJI Mavic 3 Cinema Pro drone. We also provide full production service with our partners, from location scouting, casting, pre-production, fixer, production with crew, Z-Cam E2 cine camera with anamorphic lenses, accommodation and catering, as well post-production and marketing to film festivals, media and distributors. For a photo shooting, we heave our own photographer and gears which will also may help from fashion shooting to commercials.

You can also submit your movie project and we may choose to co-produce your movie giving the rental film equipment up to 50% cash rebate for filming in Algarve or Andalusia (not in Summer).


From "Blood, Sweet and Tears" short for Impact50film project

impact50film partecipation with Blood, Sweet & Tears short film, crew and talents

A Christmas Gift

Um Presente de Natal - A Christmas Gift - A Lou Di Giorgio film

Premiere at Christmas Eve 2023, a film by Lou Di Giorgio (Switzerland)

Desperate Widow - Viuda Desesperada - Lou Di Giorgio ©2023

"Desperate Widow" - A Film Algarve Co-Production - Shooting with Netflix approved Sony FX6 and Sony FX3 cine cameras




In development, looking for co-producer and distributor

A Villa in the Algarve

A villa in the Algarve, a film by Terri Ross, co-produced by Film Algarve

In post-production, a film by Terry Ross (USA)

Blood Sweat and Tears

Blood Sweat and Tears, a film by Kristjan Knigge

A film by Kristjan Knigge (Netherlands)


We offer a full range of services in the sunny Algarve and Andalusia during the low seasons for your video or filming needs, from the production of music video clips, TV commercials, advertising, documentaries, TV series, short and long feature films. Please contact us with your requirements: we will be more then glad to discuss with you your vision to fit in your budget: we speak also Spanish, Italian, French and some German.

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Ron Hopper's Misfortune by Jaime Falero

Oscars 2023 camera and lens winners

@Film Algarve we use top film equipment like Sony cine cameras and Zeiss prime lenses, among the best equipment used in all Oscars 2023 awards productions!