Film Algarve - Film Productions Services & Equipment Rentals in Algarve

Lighting equipment including stands, batteries, weights, gel filters, light's modifier*

2 x SOLA 12 DAYLIGHT LED Fresnel - 2000W equivalent, with rain protection

HIgh Power LED cine lighting equipment gears to rent in Algarve, Portugal

2 X INTELLYTECH BI-COLOR LED Fresnel - 4000W equivalent with softbank

Arri Tungsten lights to rent for film productions in Algarve, Portugal

3 x ARRI 650W Tungsten Set which 2 fresnel and 1 with softbank

DEDOLIGHT DLED9.1 Bi-color with spot up to 4 degree angle

3 x INTELLYTECH NOVA-CTD high-power 30 degree Spot Bi-Color with side flags and V-Mount


3 x Yongnuo YN360 Light Want with Sony L battery, 200W equivalent, Bi-Color & RGB

2 x SKYLUX DAYLIGHT LED, 1200W equivalent, with spot snoot and umbrella

Silent electrical generator to rent in Algarve, Portugal
3 x 1K Honda Silent Generator 2 x Westcott scrim / reflectors Digital Juice set of 3 flags 4 x 4 mt wide support


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"Our Gaffer is coming for free, but you have to provide for his transport, food and for his eventually accommodation

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