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MAVO s35 6K in Algarve & Andalusia to rent

If you don't have the budget for the ARRI Alexa Mini, the new MAVO s35 6K cine camera deliver the same quality for 30% of the cost, being more easy to work with gimbal with only 1 Kg weight and professional audio recording with dual XLR phantom jack. The modular system of the MAVO s35 6K has two main components: the recording unit using standard  2.5" SSD memory cards and the PL or FD lens mount, both with e-ND filter, and the communication unit with the XLR, SDI, V-Lock, D-Tap power output, timecode in & out and wireless video. You can record up to ProRes 4444XQ, and in RAW with CinemaDNG or the own KRW 2.0 (need "Scratch" to edit). ISO standard is set to 800. The frame rate is up to 192fps at 2K, 100 at 4K and 66 at 6K. It's also possible to shoot in anamorphic. 

You can upload the LUT/color style which you like, or DP like, or designed by post house to MAVO, so that the workflow from shooting to post will be optimised and reduce the time for you, also help on-site lighting and art work. For recording with custom LUT, it does not burn into footage. Find more here