Film Algarve - Low Budget Film & Video Productions in Algarve

BM Basic Pack*

Blackmagic 4K Cinema Camera with cage, matbox, filters, OLED viewfinder, shoulder rig, preamps mike, tripod, 16, 24, 35, 85 T.15 prime lenses, 16-35 Zoom F2.8 with A/F and exposure switch, external battery, slider, 2 x 250GB SSD, follow focus monitor, folding reflectors and diffusers & free gaffer°

290 €/day

10% discount each rental week up to 50%


Audio Pack: 90 €/day:

Roland 8 x channels recorder/mixer, on camera stereo preamps, Audio-Technica stereo mike, 4mt stereo boompole,   2x Audio-Technica and  2x Azden  Lavalier wireless mikes with own transmitter and 2 receivers,  headphone

BM Standard Pack*

As Basic Package plus:

2 extras SSD, Mini-Dolly with 3mt track, Travel Jib, 2 x LED bi-colors Fresnel lights each one 4000W HMI equivalent with diffusers, 17inch field monitor, 3 x LED bi-colors panels, 2 x spot daylight LED lights, 1200W equivalent, stands, batteries, weights, cables, folding green screen and silent generator


780 €/day

 Without Blackmagic Basic Pack only 570€ - 10% discount each rental week up to 50% 


*PickUp/Delivery in Sagres

°Our Assistant is free but mandatory. You should provide only for his food, transport and evt. accommodation

BM Premium Pack*

As Standard Package plus:

4 extras SSD, Jib with remote head, Jimbal with EasyRig, wireless video, Dolly with moving column and chair and 4 mt track straight & curve , car mount, 2 extras LED Fresnel lights (also for external use), each equivalent to 2000W HMI daylight, one LED bi-colors Dedolight spot 1000W HMI equivalent, light filters, wind and fog machine, scrims, reflectors, green screen and diffuser up to 4x4 mt size, tent, 2 x tables, 2 x folding chairs, 3 x "walkie-talkie" & catering gears. Accessories like cables, weights, clamps, batteries and stands are also included.

1290 €/day

Without Blackmagic Basic Pack only 990€ - 10% discount each rental week up to 50%

The External Pack w/o Basic & Standard Packs: 690€