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Still after many years, this camera is one of the only one with a global shutter on the market! While you cannot shoot in low light having a native ISO of only 200 ASA, the Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4K has a s35 sensor and shoots 4K with global shutter for smooth panning and image motion. It can capture footage in Apple ProRes 422 HQ or losslessly compressed CinemaDNG Raw - promising 12-stops of dynamic range. The camera is built around a Canon EF mount and an internal SSD module recorder to cope with the data rates. For daily action shooting in Algarve or as B Camera, this could be the perfect rental choice having a large monitor, internal RAW similar recording in cDNG and the famous global shutter. Being a s35 camera, you can use it as a B camera with the MAVO

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Blackmagic s35 global shutter cine camera rent in Algarve

Blackmagic s35 cine camera with global shutter to rent in Algarve