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Why shooting anamorphic videos in algarve?

If you want a nice music video with back lights and boken effects, with anamorphic lenses you have the same vertical field of view as that of a spherical lens of the same focal length, but with 30% more of the horizontal field of view. For example a 50mm 1.33x Anamorphic Lens will have a 50mm vertical FOV with 35mm equivalent horizontal FOV: you can capture a wide-angle image with the inherent shallow Depth of Field qualities of a telephoto prime lens. This optical property creates a unique sense of perspective magnification which generates depth in your images you cannot get with a circular lens.

Our economical bundle set with the Z-Cam E2 cine camera, the Sirui Mars prime anamorphic lenses, the Atomos Ninja V+ monitor/recorder up to 120 fps in ProRes Raw make the ideal film package for shooting music videos in the beautiful Algarve scenery while enjoying the mild winter or mid season climate without beaches full of people. The economical bundle has also the DJI RS 2 gimbal to get central image  autofocus with our Sirui Mars lenses which are already programmed in the gimbal. As soon the DJI RS3 will be available, it will be possible to shoot autofocus on the full image too.

The choice of an anamorphic MFT set will delivery basically the same quality of a S35 sensor because of the full use of the 3/4 sensor "open gate style" of the camera while in a S35 only about 70% of the sensor is used to crop an image 16:9 with a regular circular lens and with S35 anamorphic lenses the price is just insane for few mm of extra vertical sensor use. This shooting bundle go with the DJI Mavic 3 Cine Drone (with our pilot) with its anamorphic adapter for perfect aerial image match with the land footage due to the same MFT sensor size and PreRes video format as the Z-Cam E2 cine camera. Check the film quality comparison with Alexa on the video below

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